(juzgado [xusyáðo], also popularly [xusgáo] or [xusgáu], perfective participle of juzgar < Latin jüdicare 'to judge')
   1) DARE: 1909. According to the DARE, "a jail, prison or courthouse." Hendrickson's claim that the slang word jug, meaning jail, may come from juzgado is unsubstantiated and cannot be explained, given Spanish phonology.
   Alternate forms: hoose, hoosecow, hoosegarden, hoosegaw, hoosgow, hoozegow, housgau, jusgado.
   2) Western Montana, western Wyoming: 1931. An outhouse or restroom. The DRAE glosses juzgado as a group of judges who concur in a sentencing, a territory under the jurisdiction of such judges, or a place where judgment is entered. Hollywood and pulp fiction writers have greatly exaggerated the lawlessness of cowboys and ranchers in the Old West—however, the term in question was well known among them; no doubt, at least a few buckaroos had a first-hand experience with the hoosegow, regardless of their guilt or innocence.

Cowboy Talk. A Dictionary of Spanish Terms. . 2013.

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